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Drop Dead Gorgeous Walls — Diane Corso LLC
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Hello! My name is Diane Corso. I have been in the Decorative Arts for 15+ years creating finishes and more. For several years I have been using Raw Mica in my projects. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and ideas with fellow decorative artists in the network. I believe that that my creativy is a gift and those with a gift must give back in order to keep receiving. In short, Mica is a gift to all of us.  I hope you can sense my excitement about sharing these "Giant Pieces" that are now available to be incorporated into our passions and careers. I am extremely enthusiastic about all the new ideas that the large Mica gives to new finishes and different types of work.

I take pride in offering raw mica for decorative projects. With hard work and dedication, I enjoy providing quality customer service. I love to see all of the beautiful, unique work that continues to be created.