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Products Needed:

1. Single Mica Amber Squares - Covers 16 square feet per pound

2. Wunda Size --- roller & sleeve     

3. Stuco Lux Sealer ( Faux Effects International ) 

4. Black Base Coat paint



Always do basic preperation of surface, base coat desired color and let dry

1. Roll Wunda size on in horizontal direction

2. While wet stick Mica Squares onto size, creating the pattern desired

3. Let dry

4. Roll Stuco Lux sealer on and squeegee off excess, let dry.

** all Faux Effects Products can be purchased through

www.sarasotafauxfx.com ---  Sarasota School of Faux and Architectural Finishing 


Materials Needed:

Jumbo Mica- paper cutter for shredding to strips- order at SHOP NOW tab

LusterStone- Snowflake white - Faux Effects International

whiz roller  - paint store




Start with a roll coat with whiz roller to substrate, while its wet, add strips of mica


When your mica is layed out, add lusterstone to trowel over, I find it easier to place product before troweling, it stops the strips from moving


Using some pressure trowel over the mica


Use squeegee to expose mica, let dry, repeat process as many times as you want, I switched strips to a thatched compostion